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It was "RAD" visiting the RAD Zoo!!!

Our children recently visited the RAD Zoo in Owatonna, MN. Boarding a bus and traveling to surrounding local communities, Civic League Children have opportunities to learn about these unique reptiles and get close enough to exotic creatures. Many thanks to The RAD Zoo for another great learning adventure. For more information about the RAD please visit

All photos were taken and provided by Marie Ferguson at DM Creative Design.

CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4613
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4639
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9784
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4583
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9730
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9772
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9781
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9774
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9766
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4717
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9758
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9728
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4591
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9727
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9713
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9702
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-9764
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4721
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4716
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4709
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4674
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4649
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4603
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4611
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4543
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4581
CLDN RAD Zoo-170308-4519
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