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Enrichment at Civic League


Twice per month our children enjoy music and yoga to activate their minds and bodies.  The children and teachers together learn new songs and enjoy playing with new instruments while having peace of mind body and spirit. 

All photos were taken and provided by Marie Ferguson at DM Creative Design.

CLDN Yoga-468
CLDN Yoga-408
CLDN Yoga-389
CLDN Yoga-367
CLDN Yoga-363
CLDN Yoga-360
CLDN Yoga-250
CLDN Yoga-191
CLDN Yoga-183
CLDN Yoga-186
CLDN Yoga-112
CLDN Yoga-180
CLDN Yoga-111
CLDN Yoga-74
CLDN Yoga-44
CLDN Yoga-22
CLDN Yoga-5
CLDN Yoga-45
CLDN Music-139
CLDN Music-116
CLDN Music-96
CLDN Music-23
CLDN Music-111
CLDN Music-98
CLDN Music-113
CLDN Music-89
CLDN Music-88
CLDN Music-82
CLDN Music-101
CLDN Music-62
CLDN Music-58
CLDN Music-37
CLDN Music-33
CLDN Music-24
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