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Farm Photos Gallery

Civic League Day Nursery participated at a local morning at the Farm. They were delighted to shuck corn,feed the chickens, horses and fawns. 

All photos were taken and provided by Marie Ferguson at DM Creative Design.

CLDN Farm_2016-512
CLDN Farm_2016-750
CLDN Farm_2016-720
CLDN Farm_2016-707
CLDN Farm_2016-683
CLDN Farm_2016-549
CLDN Farm_2016-610
CLDN Farm_2016-498
CLDN Farm_2016-766
CLDN Farm_2016-527
CLDN Farm_2016-510
CLDN Farm_2016-486
CLDN Farm_2016-473
CLDN Farm_2016-455
CLDN Farm_2016-258
CLDN Farm_2016-449
CLDN Farm_2016-418
CLDN Farm_2016-51
CLDN Farm_2016-438
CLDN Farm_2016-34
CLDN Farm_2016-411
CLDN Farm_2016-399
CLDN Farm_2016-391
CLDN Farm_2016-116
CLDN Farm_2016-364
CLDN Farm_2016-374
CLDN Farm_2016-369
CLDN Farm_2016-281
CLDN Farm_2016-288
CLDN Farm_2016-267
CLDN Farm_2016-241
CLDN Farm_2016-211
CLDN Farm_2016-158
CLDN Farm_2016-156
CLDN Farm_2016-140
CLDN Farm_2016-118
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